Success Stories

Advanced Pulmonary Program

Our Advanced Pulmonary Care Program features a High-Acuity Respiratory Unit and helps maintain and enhance the health and quality of life of our patients suffering from pulmonary disease.

Our goal is a successful discharge for each patient after they can independently manage their pulmonary disease whenever possible.

We’re so happy for our former residents, who returned home following a stay in our Advanced Pulmonary Care Program.

Rehab Success Following COVID Pneumonia

After 23 days in the hospital for COVID pneumonia requiring extensive pulmonary support, a patient was admitted to Methodist Transitional in February 2021. Our physical therapy team noted that she needed skilled therapy to improve strength, endurance, functional mobility, transfers, balance and gait. Following 18 days of therapy treatments, she improved her bed mobility skills from requiring Minimal Assistance to being Independent. She also improved functional transfers for chair-to-bed from Moderate Assistance to Independent, and Toilet Transfers from Moderate Assistance to Independent.

The patient made significant functional gains and upon discharge from physical therapy, she was able to walk 150 ft with Stand By Assistance using a front wheeled walker with less risk of falls. Upon discharge from occupational therapy, she was Independent for Bathing, and required Stand By Assistance to Supervision level with basic ADLs.

Our patient crossed many difficult boundaries after being diagnosed with COVID-19, and Methodist Transitional was very proud that she successfully returned home without needing physical assistance and support of home health!

Rehab Success Following COVID-19

A patient was admitted to Methodist Transitional Care Center after being diagnosed with COVID, and required three liters of O2. When she got here, she was walking less than 25 feet with a rolling walker and was very short of breath.

After only 20 days, our patient was walking distances over 200 feet without an assistive device and not requiring the use of O2! We applaud her commitment to work with therapy to regain her strength!

Congratulations on your return home!

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